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Weight Loss

There may be a time in our life when we all want to drop a few pounds, or maybe more. We start eating more healthily. We reduce our calorie intake. We follow an exercise regime.

There are times though when that weight does not seem to budge. We reach a plateau and the weight loss domes to a stand still. So what do we do when this happens? The last thing you want to do is give up after all your effort. You may consider turning to a weight loss supplement for help.

But do these supplements really work? There are many that promise the bikini body we always wanted. There are many promoted by celebs and on TV by the likes of Dr Oz. There are many before and after pictures on company websites, but are they real. Do they actually show real people or are they paid endorsers of the product? We look behind the hype and see exactly what is in these products. We try and see if there is any science behind the claims made. We also look at the price. We try and find out whether you are likely to get caught up in any autoship programmes that may be hard to cancel.