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Dieting is never easy. Going it alone may be even harder. Many people turn to the diet plans that are available for this reason. They offer support and encouragement from like minded people. Some deliver all your meals to you so you don’t have to think about what you can and cannot eat. You may have seen adverts for the many diet plans on offer. Some feature celebrities endorsing how good these plans can be. Others have people showing you some spectacular before and after images. Clothes that once fitted them now many sizes too big. Does it all sound familiar?

What exactly do these diet plans do and how much will they cost you? And, more importantly, how likely are they to work. There are some that offer group meetings and online support. Some offer online support as a stand alone. Some offer meal delivery and support. How do you know which one, if any, to choose. We look at what these diet plans consist of. We look at how they may work and how effective they are likely to be. We also look at how much they will cost you. We do the research for you so you can just decide whether they are for you or not. And if they are which option would be best.